Tree trimming services in the Pompano Beach, Margate, FL areas

Green Monkey Tree Services

Tree trimming benefits

Green Monkey Tree Services provides tree trimming and related services in and around the Pompano beach, Margate, Parkland, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs. They have sound knowledge of the types of trees in your area and their work is of high quality. They are a licensed and insured contractor and can help you with tree trimming, tree removal, pruning, topping, shaping, stump removal, root grinding and more. They have the latest equipment and tools, so it does not matter whether you have short trees, tall trees, oak trees, palm trees or any other type of tree.


There are different degrees of tree trimming including fine pruning, standard pruning, hazard trimming and crown reductions. Fine pruning removes small branches which improves the trees appearance. Standard pruning enhances the trees branch structure.  Hazard trimming removes branches and limbs that pose a threat to property and people. Crown reduction removes major branched which could be done if the tree is in poor condition or where there is a threat to property or power lines.


There are many benefits associated with tree trimming. Trimming is good for trees and promotes tree health. By removing dead, infected and weak limbs you strengthen the tree and promote tree life. Dead or weak branches can break off, especially in a severe storm. Removing these branches also helps prevent further decay.

Trees perform better and look better after some degree of trimming. Tree trimming can help protect your property from damage by removing branches that pose a risk to your property. By pruning and trimming your trees you improve light exposure and tree circulation.  Tree trimming can also improve your view.

Not all trees should be pruned at the same time of the year. Some should be trimmed in the early spring and others in late winter.





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