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Review of Green Monkey Tree Service

A heartfelt thanks to Bennie from Holly Hill, who wrote this wonderful review of our work at his home this week. This was the second time we worked on Bennie’s property, and he was even more impressed this time around. His full review below.


Canopy clean up using a pole saw

November 2015

This was my second time using SB Tree Service. None better in this area. Everything went perfectly. Like a well orchestrated ballet.

David, Robert & Angelo were the first to arrive on site. Robert climbed up into the tree, and began clearing out small limbs before the big ones could be addressed. David and Angelo worked the ropes on the ground, carefully lowering any cut items gently to the ground, avoiding my fence and plantings. After all the targeted limbs were on the ground, Angelo started cutting them into more manageable lengths before the chipper and other team members could arrive.

Like a wagon train, the other SB trucks and crew members started to arrive. They jumped out of their vehicles and all started carrying limbs and debris to the chipper for dispatching. Shuffling and raking went on for several minutes, and after the dust settled, my front yard was clear of all evidence that this tremendous effort had just taken place. My thanks to ALL the members of the SB team. No slackers here. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

– Bennie A, Holly Hill

Bennie was impressed by our smooth teamwork and complete clean up. The SB Tree Service crew trimmed three large laterals to the fence line plus did a bit of canopy clean-out. We expertly roped the branches to control their descent and lowered them to the ground without damaging the fence or landscaping. See how we removed a tree that was leaning on a fence at another property – with zero damage to the fence.

Think your trees deserve some pro care? From first cut to clean up, we are professional. We have the utmost respect for your home, structures, and property. Our skilled team works carefully to make sure that the only thing you’re left with is a clean yard and a well-groomed tree. Call us today at (954) 360-0233 or contact us online anytime. Free estimates and expert advice.

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