Fall maintenance tree pruning

Celebrate National Walk to School Day

Here at  Green Monkey Tree Services, we believe in living well and helping all our neighbors in Broward County, FL lead healthy lives. Today is National Walk to School Day, which means it’s a good day to teach our kids to slow down and notice the beauty of the natural world around us and enjoy a little exercise. Read more from the official website of National Walk to School Day.

Maybe us adults can be inspired to join in and remember the good feeling that comes from using our own legs to travel and our own eyes to see. Take the time to appreciate your surroundings and reap the health benefits of trees in your community.

Fall is for Tree Maintenance

Though it’s not very chilly yet here in Florida, changes in the sun’s angle and intensity let trees know that Fall is in the air. As trees prepare to go dormant for winter, now is the right time for maintenance trimming and pruning.

Fall maintenance tree service

Trimming is less stressful on trees when they aren’t actively growing. When branches are trimmed during the warm growing season, a tree will use extra energy to try to replace the leaves it lost on trimmed branches. It usually accomplishes this by adding new growth in the canopy, but will sometimes produce suckers and waterspouts if pruned improperly. While this is going on, the tree must also maintain the old branches it already has, plus heal the open pruning cuts. All this multitasking can amount to poor health if a tree is already drought-stressed or injured from a summer storm. Learn more on how trimming affects tree health and homeowner safety.

So take a stroll around your yard, enjoy the fall air, and get in touch with Green Monkey Tree Services for your fall maintenance tree pruning.

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