Before and after brush trimming

Brush and Scrub Trimming

Florida has plenty of scrub that is natural, and very hardy. It can work as a low maintenance property border but when scrub starts growing  beyond its boundaries, don’t worry about cutting it back hard. These plants are tough and they soon recover and fill out again.

At this property in Pompano Beach, Green Monkey Tree Services trimmed back the bushes and scrub that was overhanging the lawn and causing problems. Reinstating the border makes lawn healthy again and makes trimming  easy.




Learn more about brush clearing and why it can be beneficial to to your home. In this job, the brush did not create a fire hazard and wasn’t a damage risk to any structures.  However if you have scrub closing in on your property or growing up against your home, fence, or other structures, we encourage you to get it cut back before rot, pests or insects create problems and damage.

Green Monkey Tree Services removes trees quickly and cleans up completely. We have experience working with commercial and residential properties . Talk to us about your tree care needs by calling 954-360-0233 or schedule a free estimate online today. We serve all areas around Coral Springs in Broward County, FL.

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